TEMPERATURE -25ºC to +105ºC INDICATOR / MONITOR incl 24h TIMER temperature probe NOT INCLUDED


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This device incorporates a digital temperature controller and a 24 hour timer. These functions operate independently and control separate relays. The settings may be locked and code protected to avoid changes from being made by unauthorized personnel.

Timer Relay:
Whenever the current time (time of day) falls between the “ON” and “OFF” times, the timer relay is energized.
Note that there are 2 “ON” and “OFF” times.
A manual override function is included to force the timer relay to remain energized for up to 24 hours.

  • device operates as 2 separate controllers in one.
  • single set point temperature controller (relay 1)
  • 24 hour timer with 2 sets of “on” and “off” times. (relay 2)
  • 5 year battery backup keeps clock running during power failures
  • ideal for spa bath applications


Temperature range: - 20.0 °C to + 105.0 °C

Accuracy:                +-1.2 °C

Input voltage:        +-15% of rated input voltage

Led indication:        Relay 1 and relay 2 status

Probe:                     3-wire digital

Probe length:          3m, extendable to 200m (With external 220uF 16V capacitor)

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