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These devices are designed to interface with 4-wire humidity sensors Probe (HS3/HS4).

They offer 0.1% resolution with a typical accuracy of 3%(between 20 and 80%)

The relays may be configured as either control or alarm functions in either heating or cooling applications. When configured for alarm applications, the latch facility may be used to keep the relay in the fault condition until the latch is removed.
The maximum and minimum humidity are recorded for a period of 24 hours. This is useful when troubleshooting or analizing the overall system’s performance.
The parameter settings may be locked and code protected to avoid changes from being made by unauthorized personnel.
The menu may be reduced to allow changes to only the most commonly adjusted parameters. This reduces the risk that one of the mode advanced parameters are accedentally changed.
The adjustable range of the humidity set points may be limited to avoid temperatures from being enetered that may cause damage to the overall system.

These devices incorporate 1 relay. It may be used as either a control or alarm relay for either heating or cooling applications. The relay is controlled by the Set point and hysteresis parameters.

Humidity range: 0 to 100%
Accuracy: ±3 % (between 20 to 80%)
Input voltage: ±15% of rated input voltage
Led indication: Relay 1 and relay 2 status
Probe: 4-wire humidity (HS4)
Probe length:      4m, extendable to 200m

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