Pre select counter/ high frequency monitor dislay and count a pre-set number of pulses dislay and monitor frequencies up to 10000Hz


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Retransmit devices:
The process value assosiated with relay 1 may be re-transmit
as a 0-20mA or 4-20mA signal. This signal may represent any
of the operating modes including COUNTER modes. If relay 1 is
configured for counting, the loop output will increase as the
number of pulses counted increases.

This device may be configured for counting or frequency monitoring functions.
Using the "save" function, the state of the counter is saved to non-volatile memory during power failures. This allows the device to continue from where it left off before the power was removed.
A 10V - 24V DC supply (± 30mA) is included for use with NPN proximity switches.
Pulses can be acknowledged when the pulse pins are either shorted OR released.
A pre-scaler of up to 200 is included. (the device reads the "pre scale" amount of pulses before updating the counter value).
The post-scaler multiplies the pulses received by up to 200.
Pulses may be displayed as lapsed (up-counting), remaining (down counting) or frequency (even if configured for counting).
Using the reset timer the device can automatically be reset between 0.1 and 99.9 seconds after the pre-set number of pulses have been counted. This eliminates the need to generate reset pulses manually.

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