lapsed time counter


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Timer is active as long as power is applied AND the “RUN” terminals are bridged. Once the pre-set number of hours is reached, the relay changes state until manually reset. Intended for use as an alarm to indicate service requirements. Once the service has been performed, the device starts counting towards the next service.

 Additional features include:

- total number of hours is also recorded

- save status at power fail (device continues from where it left off after power failures)

- “RUN” terminals for remote activation

- “CLR” terminals re-start timing toward next service

- display lapsed timing (hours, minutes & seconds)

- reverse relay action to either “OPEN” or “CLOSE” when pre-set setpoint is reached

- Keypad lock

- if aux terminals are not shorted within 15 seconds of “START”, timer stops until AUX terminals are shorted. (if pump is started, and no water after 15 seconds, well is dry)

 Adjustable parameters:

Set point                                    1hr - 9999 hours

Clear resettable hour counter        yes / no

View total number of hours           no changes

Relay functionality                        open / close (relay status after counting)

Reset all parameters (incl total hrs)

keypad lock & reduced menu

All parameters are saved to non-volatile eeprom memory, thus eliminating the need to re-program after a power failure

incorporates a crystal oscillator to maintain timing accurate timing

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