pulse controlled timer with adjustable alarm output ideal for coin operated applications


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For each pulse received, the relay is energized for an additional pre-set time period. (each pulse adds the pre set time period to the remaining time).

i.e. if the time period is set to 30 minutes and a single pulse has been applied, then after 10 minutes the remaining time will be 20 minutes. On pulsing the remaining time will increase to 50 min then 1hour 20 min and so on.


Additional features include:

- total number of pulses received is stored to eeprom

- secondary resettable counter

- alarm relay incorporated to warn time is running out

- Pulse controlled

- ideal for coin operated applications such as squash court lighting

- displays time remaining

- continues from where it left off after a power fail (remaining time is NOT reset at power fail)

- Keypad lock

- Used credits may be viewed by using external switch


Adjustable parameters:

Set point                                   1sec - 99 hours

Alarm time                                1sec - 99 hours Clear

resettable pulse counter              yes / no

View total number of pulses         no changes

accuracy                                    0.05%

Reset all parameters (incl total pulses)

keypad lock & reduced menu

alarm relay to warn time is running low

incorporates a crystal oscillator to maintain timing accurate timing

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