alternative to mechanical clock work timer


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Starting the cycle operates the relay for the pre-set time period where after the relay is released.

Unique to this device is its ability to stop the timing during a run cycle, simply connect the auxiliary terminals of the pump’s contactor to the device. When the well runs dry and the pump stops, the timer stops. Timing continues when pumping resumes.


Additional features include:

  •           selectable time range
  •           start timing via front keypad or “START” terminals
  •           Timing duration can be adjusted during a cycle
  •           last timing value automatically memorized (no need to re-program before every cycle)
  •           displays time remaining
  •           continues from where it left off after a power fail (remaining time is NOT reset at power fail)
  •           Keypad lock


Adjustable parameters:


Time duration                             see time range

Timing range                              1 min - 99 hours

                                                 1 sec - 99 min

Activate aux terminals                 active / not active

keypad lock & reduced menu

All parameters are saved to non-volatile eeprom memory, thus eliminating the need to re-program after a power failure

incorporates a crystal oscillator to maintain timing accurate timing

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